1. AttendEduMatters Gatherings or if you can’t attend for any reason – get a summary of the gatherings afterward.
  2. Get weekly updates on education trends around the world.
  3. Get a list of global education events.
  4. Get a list of free online and offline courses for educators.
  5. Get discounts for paid courses for educators.
  6. Get free education research reports throughout the year.
  7. Widen your network and connect to educational institutions around the world.
  8. Get job and project offers from institutions around the world.

Want to run your own EDU events?

Email us to request a free EDU Gatherings framework. We are happy to support you in setting up your own EDU events!

Who is EDU Matters for?

EDU_Matters is for all stakeholders in the education community. Anyone who wants to learn about current educational issues should be provided with a platform for sharing and learning. Bringing a diverse range of expertise and experience to a common theme enriches the discussion and allows us to consider different ideas and perspectives on an issue. This could include:

  • Teachers
  • School Leaders
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Administrative Staff
  • Policy Makers
  • Tutors
  • Education Business Owners
  • Education Trainers and Lecturers
  • Education NGOs
  • Parents
  • Students


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