Global Competence Online Project

Global Competence Online Project

Online program for kids of 10 to 14 years old

 “Students who are best prepared for the future are change agents. They can have a positive impact on their surroundings, influence the future, understand others' intentions, actions and feelings, and anticipate the short and long-term consequences of what they do.” - OECD 2018 “Education 2030” Position Paper

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What is the Global Competence Online Project?

It's an online course that serves as a platform for your kids to solve a world issue - lack of quality education - while acquiring key competencies and skills necessary for the future success

Throughout the course students learn how to use their resources - knowledge, skills, creativity - to design an educational game for students that do not have enough resources, and thus motivation, to study well. This game is later shared for free with schools and communities in Uganda, rural China, and other countries.


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In 2018 students from the UK, Colombia and China designed an educational game - World Cultures Cards Game.

This game is designed to help reach Sustainable Development Goals №4 'Quality Education' and №17 'Partnership for the goals'. The game contributes to creating quality education, motivating students to study better, develop a global mindset, and build friendships between cultures and countries. 

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Students in the process of creating a game


15 game sets, a Teacher's Guide and 2 world maps were sent for free to a school with 600 kids in Uganda


Up till now the game is being shared with schools and communities in various countries, such China, the USA, Russia and Ukraine

What do students learn during the course?

  • Project managment skills

  • Lean management approach

  • Digital literacy skills

  • Entrepreneurial skills

  • Communication and negotiation skills in English Cultural Competence

  • Empathy

  • Website design skills

  • Higher intrinsic motivation and a highlighted sense of accountability

What do students get at the end of the program?

Ready Product

Educational game designed all by themselves

Real Charity Project

An outstanding result that will highlight future school and job applications

Ready-to-publish website

A perfect skill for their portfolio

Certificate of participation

For future school and university applications

Recommendation letter

Personalized for each student

Online version of the game

Tailored by EDU_Matters team, students will showcase it in their portfolio

Mentors Support

For potential internships, future careers and professional support

Global Network of Friends

Students build friendships around the globe, joining global alumni

Who can participate in the program?

  • Student’s Age: 10 to 14
  • Level of English: able to express themselves in English
  • Time availability: two hours on a weekday evening and two hours on a weekend for one month. Total: 16 hours.

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