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EDU_Matters provides you with:

- Edu Gatherings: events and workshops for educators

- Updates on educational trends around the world

- Education research papers

- Lists of global education events

- Discounts for Professional Development courses and conferences

- Global network of educators and institutions


Who is it for?

EDU_Matters is for all stakeholders in the education community. Anyone who wants to learn about current educational issues should be provided with a platform for sharing and learning. Bringing a diverse range of expertise and experience to a common theme enriches the discussion and allows us to consider different ideas and perspectives on an issue. This is why EDU_Matters platform is for:


School Leaders

Teaching Assistants

Administrative Staff

Policy Makers


Education Business Owners

Education Trainers and Lecturers

Education NGOs





Education is the most influential tool for future generations in our developing world.

As the complexity of economic, social, cultural and environmental issues increases, we must address global challenges and their relationship with education.

Both teachers and learners must be equipped with the skills, attitudes and values to ensure they embrace those challenges and positively impact on the future.

Challenges in Education Today:

children in the world don't go to school*
By 2024**
teachers want to resign
Teaching tech skills***
teachers not equipped

EduMatters exists to solve the above challenges. This is why we do the following:

  • Run a Global Educators community for research and best practices exchange
  • Support educators in teaching technology in the classroom
  • Empower kids to help other kids around the world
  • Help children in underprivileged areas to get access to better education
  • Cooperate with teachers communities around the world

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EDU Matters is a Sustainable Development Goals Advocate and Ambassador

EduMatters Partners

* UNESCO's 2017-18 Global Education Monitoring Report
** National Education Union Survey
*** PWC US ‘Technology in US schools: Are we preparing our kids for the jobs of tomorrow?'